Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Final Event - Turkey


Bahçelievler Primary School had the final event on 10th June. Students, teachers and parents participated in this activity. They had a picnic and played lots of funny games. They celebrated the end of school year. 
Here are some photos while they are enjoying themselves; 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Final Event - Azores

To celebrate the end of school year activities were held in partnership with the Eco-Schools program. Students of Escola Básica e Secundária da Calheta participated in a contest of rafts made ​​from recyclable materials. It was a really fun day celebrating with the Azores sea
. A real sucess!

Friday, 19 July 2013


Holbeach Primary School had their final event on Saturday 6th July at the school summer fair.  We opened the fair with our Wikiwaterworld song, specially composed for the event when Ansku from Finland came to visit.  We had a Wikiwaterworld stall at the fair - with lots of information and photographs about the project on display.  There were activities for the children to do and if they got a certain number of answers correct, they would win some sweets.  They had to answer questions about water; match the flags to the countries; and identify all the Wikiwaterworld countries on a map of Europe.  They had to guess the number of teaspoons of water it would take to fill a bottle to win an atlas - one for the infants, and one for the juniors.  There were also the board games and memory games available to play, and some fun craft activities to do.  It was a lot of fun, and some of the children who visited Finland helped out on the stall.  It was a beautiful day here in London, and we all enjoyed ourselves.



Saturday, 13 July 2013


As the final event of the project we decided to organize a trip to a very beautiful region - the Pieniny Mountains which is about 30 km from Rabka Zdrój.
See the relation from the trip...

It started with a boat trip around Czorsztyńskie Lake. The lake is artiffical and plays an important role in the region.
You can admire two beautiful castles on the way: the castle in Niedzica and in Czorsztyn.

He is a local hero- Janosik. According to the legend he took away from the rich gave to the poor. So he is Polish "Robin Hood"!

Mateusz was really lucky - the capitan let him lead the boat for a few minutes:)

In the background you can see the castle in Niedzica. Many legends connected with this magnficient place. Some people believe it is a haunted place.....

This a bridge which is a dam as well.

Look at that! That was really fantastic! 3D graffitti on the bridge creates a really amazing effect!
Hard to believe but this is really flat!

We had a chance to visit a fauna and flora museum. We could see some typical spieces especially fish in this reagion.
Then we went to the Dunajec river to see water rafting. We didn't have enough time for going down there (it lasts 3 hours) but we could observe rafts with some other tourists waving at them and wishing them a nice trip:)

but we had some time by the river to have a picnic and play....

Learning about the local history of Rabka Zdrój, Poland

Before the end of the school year the students of lower secondary school worked on local history and how water has changed the area of the town Rabka Zdrój.
Increasing interest in the mineral waters in Rabka Zdrój changed the character of the town which started to become a famous spa and health centre in Poland.
The students were searching the data on the Internet and then out of the collected materials prepared two presentations on the topic.